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Seek Expert Advice on Foreign Currency Exchange from MoneyCorp

Brexit has meant we have seen sterling drop to against the euro and against the USD; the lowest level for 30 years. There is still a huge amount of volatility many experts expect the uncertainty to continue until the implications of the decision are better understood.

As members of the Linconshire Chamber of Commerce you can speak to a MoneyCorp to discuss future requirements, and seek reassurance and advice.

Give MoneyCorp a call on: 0203 823 0526

Helping Chamber member grow their international business

The British Chambers of Commerce has partnered with exchange experts, Moneycorp to provide money saving foreign exchange to chamber members. If you have international payment requirements Moneycorp can help you save hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands every year.

Key benefits

  • Bank-beating exchange rates - typically as much as 4% better than the banks.
  • Expert market guidance at the end of a phone - Moneycorp's professional currency dealers can guide you through the foreign exchange market.
  • Fast online money transfers 24/7 - trade at convenient times with online accounts and live rate information.
  • Safeguarded client funds - Moneycorp is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide payment services and safeguards all client funds in segregated customers accounts.

Exclusive Member Package

  • Free foreign exchange health check  - Free assessment of your business's foreign exchange requirements, to help help pin-point where you could impove your margins.
  • Low transfer fees - Our fees start from just £5, a substantial saving over the £20-£40 that banks typically charge.
  • Free account opening - Buy and sell any of 35 currencies.

Contact Helen Tomkinson on 01522 846929 or email for more information.

Jargon Buster

Improve your knowledge of foreign exchange terms with our jargon buster. Download a copy here.

Top Ten Tips To Manage Foreign Exchange Risk

Your business can take some proactive steps towards managing foreign exchange risk, whilst leaving the market analysis and interpretation to the experts. Download the full guide here.

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