Being your organisation’s best kept secret won’t get you your next promotion - raising your profile will.
For career success, it’s crucial that other people know about your achievements, skills and talents - otherwise you’ll be watching others land the roles you want.

If you find that a challenge, then this talk, 10 Smart Ways to Raise Your Profile, will equip you with ways to be seen and heard, that feel natural and comfortable to use. Which is good for you, your organisation and the economy.

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Speakers - Susan Ritchie Susan Ritchie Social Media Profile 2Susan is an executive & leadership coach and writer, specialising in helping professionals to enhance their leadership presence and impact so they develop the credibility, visibility and gravitas needed for career success. She’ll help you to step up into a new leadership role - and if you’re already in one, she’ll help you to excel at it. She also delivers emerging leader programmes for organisations who recognise the importance of investing in their up and coming talent.

With decades of experience in teaching, coaching, training and mentoring, both in the UK and overseas, Susan now works with clients such as the BBC, SSAFA, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants, as well as a range universities, schools, charities and private sector organisations. She’s helped hundreds clients feel more resourceful, confident and capable of leading themselves and others.

Her first book, Strategies for Being Brilliant: 21 Ways to be Happy, Confident & Successful was published in 2013, and she is currently writing her second one.


This event is part of the CMI NEYH regional network