We've refreshed our Boston Business Club

We're taking our breakfast meetings around Boston, using the premises of our members as the venue so delegates can discover more about the local area and business community.

This new format is helping to showcase the work of members and share their successes with the group. Each meeting includes structured networking, as well as breakfast refreshments.

This month our sponsor is

PAB Translation - The topic for March's Boston Business Club will be 


Effective Global Communications

Business etiquette and communicating more effectively with clients and employees across borders.

Having little understanding of the influence of cross cultural differences in areas such as management, human resources, advertising or negotiations can eventually lead to cultural faux pas that can have damaging consequences.

The need for greater cross cultural awareness is heightened in our global economies. Cross cultural differences in matters such as language, etiquette, non-verbal communication, norms and values can, do and will lead to cross cultural blunders.

This is a tester presentation for people who want to gain insight into cultural awareness and these who are looking to enhance their communication skills with speakers from other cultures.

Breakfast is included

You can say you're not just attending for the breakfast but we know the truth. 

Join the networking and be part of the discussion

There is also the chance to meet new faces and network with like-minded business people.