A 3-day celebration of Lincolnshire's Engineering Past, Present & Future

With the theme ‘Back to the Future’, SPARK! Engineering Festival 2017 celebrates Lincolnshire’s pioneering excellence which spans centuries and is the reason we have world beating engineering businesses in the county today. SPARK! showcases the latest innovations and breakthroughs and aims to inspire and ignite interest in engineering.

Today, Lincolnshire is at the cutting edge of engineering technologies, devising, designing and producing some truly world-beating products that enable advancements in sectors like Formula 1, rail travel, jet planes, oil & gas exploration and computing. These companies and individuals exist in the county today because of a pioneering spirit which has seen a very rich engineering history develop - from 17th century developments in the Agricultural Revolution, which then enabled the Industrial Revolution, through two World Wars and the increase in mechanisation. Today, we make parts for satellites and spaceships! A spark in the past ignited our future and so the theme of this year's SPARK! event is 'Back To The Future', with lots of activities planned to help illustrate this.  

For more information visit the SPARK! website - sparklincoln.org

Exhibitors & Sponsors

SPARK! Engineering Festival is only possible because of the dedication, support and help provided by over 40 organisations which span the engineering, education, local government, charity, financial and marketing sectors. Everyone involved does so because they believe that engineering is vitally important, that it should be celebrated and that it can make the future a better place for all.

If your business is interested in exhibiting at the SPARK! festvial then please email us to organise this.