Food Waste

Food needed - Surplus food for a community fridge project.

Lincoln Women's Institute is supporting the national resolution to help change how food waste is dealt with.

Recently the idea of installing community fridges seen on an episode of " Jamie Oliver's Friday Night Feast"inspired a local WI representative , Nina Alexander-Hill to  try sand persuade Supermarkets and others to donate surplus fresh fruit and veg which can then be given to those who need it.

Working with a captive audience of hundreds of parents waiting in the playground every day,  the scheme will see surplus fresh fruit and veg brought into the playground on a weekly basis.

Lincoln WI has purchased a cold storage fridge for Lincolns Mount Street Academy as a pilot. 

A crate of fruit & veg is going to be brought out into the playground every Friday for  "Fresh Freebie Friday" It would be amazing if every school could do this!

It would help get fresh food directly to those in  the community who would not normally purchase fresh fruit and veg whilst also tackling food waste, as well as encourage healthy eating habits.

Currently Nina is using allotment surplus and donations but would li8ke the scheme to be more established with a regular supplier list

Do you have food to offer? please contact Nina

Nina and the WI are also suporting a recently formed group of like-minded parties to manage the Lincoln Food Summit.


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