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Grantham Area Chamber


The Grantham Area Chamber is an established part of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.

It speaks on behalf of its members from a genuinely independent standpoint

The Grantham Area Chamber is the independent voice and representative body for the business community in Grantham, and provides a range of high quality services in response to the needs of the members and the wider business community.

It is involved in a range of local activities in the town, proactively arranging networking events and other activities which encourage inter-trading amongst members and the local business community.

The Grantham Area Chamber aims to make your voice heard on issues affecting you and your business- as well as access to professional resources to improve the impact of lobbying activity in the local area.

The Grantham Area Chamber also has close working relationships with SKDC’s Economic Development Team, and by working together it aims to increase the economic viability of the area.

 Upcoming events

 We have an active programme of events happening in your local area, have a look at what’s coming up in the event section of this website. 

Working with your Grantham Area Chamber

To discuss the work of the Sleaford Area Chamber, or to get involved, please email or call 01522 846923.

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