Lincolnshire Chamber comments on triggering Article 50

Speaking about the triggering of Article 50 by the Prime Minister, Simon Beardsley, Chief Executive at the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce said:

“For a long time now, businesses in Lincolnshire have been questioning and wanting practical information with regards to Brexit and how exiting the EU may affect them in the long run.

“With plans now officially in place to start the process of exiting, this should mean that businesses can now focus on dealing with the challenges as the route to Brexit becomes clearer, businesses will be able to better plan and prepare for their future and set realistic goals”.

“Businesses should remember that by triggering Article 50, the process for leaving the EU is only just beginning and will take up to 2 years during which it will go through a rigorous process ensuring everything is done correctly.

“There will no doubt be more times of uncertainty, particularly for trade businesses but overall, we will receive more clarity with definitive answers given regarding new rules and regulations for local business.

“Whilst Brexit will remain a core priority going forward, the Government must remember that other issues still need to be addressed, particularly with regards to increased business rates and upfront costs.

“A balanced approach would provide assurance for the business community here in Lincolnshire ensuring everyone is looked after as best as can be”. 

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