Mission Statement

Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce & Industry will strive to maintain its position as the leading independent business representative and support organisation in the county of Lincolnshire, promoting the interests of member businesses and contributing in partnership with others towards a prosperous regional economy.

Our Aims:

In order to achieve its mission, the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce will:

  • Be Lincolnshire’s principal independent recognised voice and representative body for the business community
  • Provide a range of high quality services which support the needs of our members and the wider business community
  • Support/deliver business focussed initiatives at local, regional, national, international or community levels
  • Grow overall membership through the development of geographic business clusters, sector specific initiatives and value adding activities to support business growth.

Our Strategic Objectives

1. To support a growing and robust Lincolnshire economy 

  • Developing, encouraging and supporting cooperation between public agencies and organisations and the private sector to create and support opportunities for business and in turn economic development
  • Supporting workforce skills development
  • SupportingLincolnshire's key sectors including visitor economy, food and farming and International trade to drive growth in these areas
  • Strengthening market town partnerships and related initiatives within the county

2. To promote business and Lincolnshire businesses

  • Championing business and member businesses within and outside theCountyofLincolnshire.
  • Signposting businesses to other relevant organisations and opportunities
  • Developing promotional opportunities that businesses can invest in

3. To encourage growth and development between Lincolnshire businesses

  • Delivering a range of quality and unique networking events
  • Developing special interest networks
  • Using and encouraging the use of technology to proficiently support interaction between members

4. To provide insight and information to Lincolnshire businesses

  • Collecting and disseminating useful relevant information to members
  • Gathering intelligence from members about business related issues and use to lobby and inform wider stakeholders and members

5. To represent Lincolnshire businesses

  • Conveying the views of members to relevant bodies
  • Lobbying on behalf of members on issues holding back or concerning business
  • Providing a platform for the exchange and development of ideas which affect business
  • Advocating important business issues

6. To champion sustainability

  • Trading in a sustainable way by seeking to achieve a balanced annual budget
  • Undertaking commercial contracts which will supplement and complement our existing aims and activities
  • Conducting our business in a responsible and ethical manner



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