Price List

Our fees for certifying your international trade documentation are among the most competitive around.

Below are the certification charges for the European Community Certificate of Origin, EUR1 Documents, ATR Documents and Certification of ‘other’ documents i.e. commercial invoices/ packing lists

                                          Members      Non-Members 

By Post                              £20+vat        £40+vat

Additional Copies               £4+vat         £8+vat

Whilst you wait                  £23+vat       £43+vat

Additional Copies              £4 +vat        £4+vat

Ecert Express                    £23.50+vat  £44+vat

Ecert Standard                  £23+vat      £44+vat  

Rejection Charge               £4+vat        £4+vat

Stationary Supplies

x1 Certificate of Origin     £1.65+vat £3.30+vat

x10 Certificate of Origin   £12.50+vat £25+vat

Yellow Copy Applications  £0.55+vat £1.10+vat


The Chamber will charge p&p on returned and processed documents. To minimise this cost to you, please supply a 1st class stamped addressed return envelope

More information 

We're here to help, call our International Trade Manager Helen Tominson on 01522 846929 or email 


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