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Skegness & District Area Chamber


The Skegness & District Area Chamber is overseen by the Area President, and is the latest part of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce.

The accredited aims and objectives of Skegness & District Area Chamber are to represent member interest, to support regeneration in the area, to have an active role in other connected organisations and support financially or otherwise activities that will develop or promote Skegness and its hinterland.

The Skegness & District Chamber of Commerce aims to encourage and stimulate business initiatives which will enhance the prosperity both of the town and neighbouring villages.  Membership covers a wide spectrum of business and training activities.  There is a particular strong focus on ensuring that the Skegness district remains at the forefront of tourism.  

As of March 2017 a new local area committee will be formed to better represent Skegness members. If you would like to learn more regarding the members committee and get involved in setting the direction for Skegness please contact  or ring 01522 846930. 

The Skegness Area Chamber is a strong area of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, members have the ability to access a range of business savings, training and funding advice and support, local and national lobbying and representation, combined with local autonomy on local decisions and business support. The Skegness Area Chamber remains the business voice for the East Coast and hinterland with the full support of the countywide and national Chamber network

Working with your Skegness & District Area Chamber

To discuss the work of the Skegness & District Area Chamber email please email 

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