A new campaign from Active Lincolnshire, #StrideAndRide, launched to inspire walking and cycling in Lincolnshire

A new campaign from Active Lincolnshire, #StrideAndRide, launched to inspire walking and cycling in Lincolnshire

A new campaign, #StrideAndRide, has been rolled out across Lincolnshire, encouraging more people to walk and cycle across the county.

Working alongside the Let’s Move Lincolnshire campaign, #StrideAndRide has been created to motivate residents to walk and cycle locally, inspiring people to move more and get involved in activities and events across the county.

#StrideAndRide will help raise awareness of the different options for walking and cycling in Lincolnshire and how this can benefit people; from spending more quality time with family to getting involved in new lower-intensity sports like walking netball or walking football. As well as highlighting the physical advantages of regular exercise, the campaign will also focus on the mental health benefits that walking and cycling can offer, such as boosting good moods and reducing feelings of anxiety.

The campaign will also encourage more residents to join community walking groups, including the Lincolnshire Co-operatives Wellbeing Walks, led by specially-trained volunteer leaders, to help improve physical and mental well-being and reduce isolation.

Although the campaign aims to resonate with all audiences, it will focus more specifically on engaging with those who struggle to engage in any physical activity at all, those aged over 55, and people who live in coastal areas within the county.

Emma Tatlow, CEO of Active Lincolnshire, said: “By creating greater awareness about the benefits of walking and cycling and the options to do so in Lincolnshire, #StrideAndRide hopes to inspire people to move more, through signposting to activities, events and providing ideas and motivation.

“We’ve found that by incorporating walking and cycling into daily routines, it gives people the opportunity to have some ‘me-time’; the chance to get away from life’s stresses and catch up on a podcast or socialise with friends – even if this is for a quick ten-minute stroll. Walking and cycling doesn’t just improve people’s physical health, it supports mental well-being too, and this is the message we’re keen to get across to Lincolnshire residents.

“With many affected by the cost-of-living crisis, walking and cycling offers some of the easiest and cheapest ways to become more active this winter. Living in such a beautiful county with hundreds of walking and cycle routes, this campaign is a fantastic way for people to get involved in increasing their exercise and fitness in the local community, and for free!”

The campaign will focus on four main incentives: Giving the mind and body a boost, adapting habits and defaults, inspiring exploration and challenges, and focusing on the family. These ideas were identified and developed using behavioural change research and insights.

More information about the #StrideAndRide campaign can be found here: www.letsmovelincolnshire.com/strideandride

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