Brand:PEEPL – the world’s first brand management network is launched in Lincolnshire

Brand:PEEPL – the world’s first brand management network is launched in Lincolnshire

The world’s first brand management network, called Brand:PEEPL, has been launched in Lincolnshire to help small to medium enterprises (SMEs) compete against an increasingly competitive business environment.

As we all know, the age of the Internet has changed how we live our lives, from shopping and banking, to communicating and consuming. The world has become more connected, creating opportunities for small businesses to compete on the global stage. But the bigger corporations seem to be getting bigger… why?

Well, the answer is actually quite simple. The Internet isn’t an equal place. Websites command authority in SERPs (search engine results pages) and that authority is built from using the resources of a business. That’s simply how Google works. So, the bigger the business, the bigger the resources and, in turn, the easier it is for the bigger companies to dominate that golden first page of search results and get better growth.

So how can an SME compete?

There are quite a few options. One is to use a digital marketing agency to help you build your digital presence but the problem with using a digital marketing agency is that they are very expensive and there isn’t always that transparency as to where your money is going. Another option is to use freelancers. They are much more affordable, but you have to manage them, co-ordinate their efforts and make sure that the work that is produced by one freelancer is aligned with another. You also need a good knowledge of digital marketing, business planning and digital strategy to be able to achieve the results you need.

A new and more value driven solution is to use a Brand Management Network. A Brand Management Network (BMN) sits somewhere between a digital marketing agency and using freelancers. A Brand Management Network is a network of specialists who work on a business or project together, under the supervision and co-ordination of a Brand Coach. The Brand Coach is an expert is business strategy, digital marketing and brand management. They have a wide range of experience and sound knowledge of all areas of operating and growing a business. For small to medium businesses, this is a great option as the network has all the skills, experience and services of an agency, but with the attention to detail, flexibility and low cost of using freelancers. An SME can chop and change the services it uses depending on what it feels it needs. One month it may access design and UX services, whilst another month it may access web development and SEO services.

The world’s first Brand Management Network has been launched in Lincolnshire, called Brand:PEEPL. Small to medium businesses can access free business support and advice from a Brand Coach at Brand:PEEPL, who will work on strategy development and business planning for the business – all for free. The Brand Coach will then co-ordinate the services that a business will need to grow and achieve its goals. Such services may include, but not be limited to, SEO, PPC, Design, Business Planning, Operational Updates, Branding, Campaign Management, Competitor Analysis, Market Research, Social Media Management, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Email Marketing, Web Development, UX Design and many other services. This allows the valuable time of a small to medium business owner to focus on what they do best, which is providing an excellent service to their customers.

To learn more about Brand:PEEPL and how the worlds first Brand Management Network can help your small to medium business achieve the results you want, please visit

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