Breaking News – ** Carys Has Run Away **

Breaking News – ** Carys Has Run Away **

Attention Grab your cocoa and gather round because we have some exciting news to share!


Our Carys has embarkd on a whimsical journey to the North Pole alongside our mischievous friend, Harry the Elf! Santa has offered her a once in a lifetime opportunity to be the Chief  Velvet Hot Chocolate Creator! Rumour has it she gets a rather saucy uniform too!

It all happened so suddenly that we couldn’t give you a heads up, but fear not – there’s magic in the air! As Carys takes off on her North Pole adventure, she’s left us a promise of a BIG SURPRISE gift!

The special GIFT is none other than Emma “Not that one” Watson! Yeah, you heard it right, but hold on, it’s not Hermione Granger we’re talking about!

Some of you might already know Emma, while others might be scratching their heads. Here’s Carys / Emma to explain:

“I’ve been using the name “Carys Dayne” for a while, especially during my time as a TV and radio presenter. It was a way to keep things separate and keep family safer online. Now, as we step into 2024, I’m making a change, saying goodbye to Carys, and embracing my real name of Emma “Not that one” Watson. It’s not a secret; it’s just a chapter that served its purpose. ”

The journey with Carys has been something else. But it’s time to bid farewell to Carys and welcome Emma with open arms. Same face, same commitment to our Specky & Ginge journey – just a different name.

So, friends, as we unwrap the excitement of this surprise, let’s also raise a toast to being real, starting fresh, and the awesome adventure ahead with Emma “Not that one” Watson! Here’s to a magical 2024!

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