Earth Day: Business in Lincolnshire Part 1

Innovative thinking for a more sustainable future post COVID-19

As your local Chamber, we are supporting Lincolnshire businesses who are taking proactive steps towards a greener future.

This digital event has been pulled together for Earth day and will be chaired by Steff Wright as part of the launch of the Gusto Homes Community Interest Company.

The challenges we have ahead of us over the coming weeks, months and years are going to take some real innovative thinking from us all in order to adapt to the challenges from COVID-19 and the challenges of climate change.

This period of lockdown has not only shown the bravery of those at the front line but it has also been an opportunity for us to slow down and appreciate qualities of life and nature that are often overlooked when we are too busy leading fast lives.

On the basis that everything will either change or adapt over the coming months and years to create a better more sustainable future, Steff plans to follow up this Earth day event with a full day discussion on Friday 24th April when he will be joined with experts from other sectors in a series of 30 minute discussions. This will hopefully stimulate a much wider discussion amongst all sections of society as to what we would like our future to look like.

We hope to extend this discussion to as wide an audience as possible as an interactive discussion across Zoom, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

How it works


Part 1 (Wednesday 22nd April)

Wednesday 22nd April is Earth Day, which many businesses use as an opportunity to reflect on their sustainability policies and how to increase their eco-friendliness.


Introduction from Steff Wright (CEO of Gusto Group), from Gusto Homes – Home of the Future show home at Collingham on the Nottinghamshire Lincolnshire boarder.

This will include a short video of the Woodlands Edge development during lockdown to set the scene as to how our lifestyles may change and could improve post COVID – 19.

Steff will also announce their plans for Gusto Homes becoming a community interest company set up to work in partnership with local authorities to play a part in building the homes and new communities of the future.


Housing and communities

The lockdown has forced people to spend time in their communities and support their neighbours in ways they previously had not done. This period has shown that people can be amazingly community focussed when the need arises, but it has also shown the benefit of safe green spaces and shared facilities within our communities.

If we are to spend more time working from home in the future, our homes will need to be fit for purpose, alongside minimising their energy use and being healthy spaces to live.

How can we improve our existing communities alongside ensuring our new developments are designed and built to match our future needs?

We will also be joined by a panel of experts from the Housing and Communities sector for a live Q&A session on what the new way of working looks like post COVID-19.

This panel includes Nick Pettit from R G Carter and Caroline Killeavy from YMCA Lincolnshire.

Click here to join us at 10am on Wednesday 22nd April.

Part 2 (Friday 24th April)

Click here to join us for Part 2 on Friday 24th April, which will include the sectors; transport, food, energy, manufacturing and much more.


Getting involved is easy!
Simply register to attend the webinar here and tune in on Wednesday 22nd April, and register for Friday via the link here.

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