Lincoln BIG: Support for all levy payers currently closed with stock to sell

Lincoln BIG have joined forces with Grounded Places to support ALL our levy payers in every possible way, whether they are open or closed.

We will be delivering three webinars free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis to a maximum of 20 people on each (and up to 2 attendees per business). Click here to see all three webinars.

Each session is aimed at different groups of businesses, based on if you are currently open, currently closed with stock to move (retailers in the main) or currently closed but without stock (our service providers, leisure, hospitality and visitor attractions).

Each webinar is tailored to the specific and current needs of local businesses. Hosted by the ‘Grounded Places’ team, you will get advice on your marketing, commercial, and operational activities, to help you both now, and in the long term.


For this event, can you answer these questions:

– Are you currently closed and have concerns as to how to optimise your business when you are able to reopen?

– Is your business sell products from your shop (as opposed to a service proposition primarily selling experiences) and you are unsure as to how you are able to optimise sell through, cashflow & profitability at the point of re-opening?

– Do you have concerns as to how you will adapt to the new measures to protect yourself, your staff and your customers?

– Do you feel you may have gaps in your knowledge or skills and want to be doing more to maximise sales and protect your future?

– Do you want some top tips and expert advice to secure your business now and ongoing?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of these questions you should join this webinar by booking here 

About the team from Grounded Places

Clare Bailey, The “Retail Champion” & Roger Smith, “Grounded Shopper” have partnered to bring together an enviable blend of backgrounds and experience resulting in a huge breadth and depth of retail & shopper behavioural expertise. Out of this we have created “_Grounded Places_”, based on 65+ years of experience across retail & place management & shopper research to provide a holistic review of the shopper / visitor experience for places.

Grounded Places have been asked to support local business of Lincoln in bringing together a range of themes that will help lift them to a new level of business understanding across a range of subjects.

Tapping into a range of and human psychology, science & behaviours that influences perceptions and behaviours, Grounded Places is bringing a fresh pair of eyes and new thinking & findings with actionable recommendations to enable independent levy payers to drive their businesses forward with real commercial application.

We look forward to supporting your business in this challenging time in partnership with Lincoln BIG.

Thanks for reading,

Clare & Roger
Grounded Places

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