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We are experts in Research and Development Tax Relief, Land Remediation Relief, Embedded Capital Allowances and Foreign Exhange

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TACT Consulting specialise in facilitating Corporation Tax Relief, for qualifying Limited Companies that have been operating for more than 1 year. These include: Research and Development Tax Credits - for innovative companies who are creating / improving products or processes within their industry. Land Remediation Relief - Tax Relief for land owners who have spent money remediating contaminated land they wish to use for commercial purposes. Embedded Capital Allowances - Tax Relief for commercial property owners. TACT Money allows our clients who trade internationally to get access to savings on their FX rates. We categorically guarantee to reduce the rate currently offered by your bank or finance provider.

Our Vision

Our business is built around improving Limited Companies cashflow. We want to see local businesses thrive, whether that be through providing a Tax Refund, Future Tax Relief or allowing them to get the best FX rates when they trade abroad - we are here to provide quality work, confidence and a cash injection for your business.

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