Another marketing pro joins SEO Traffic Lab & they are on the hunt for more

Another marketing pro joins SEO Traffic Lab & they are on the hunt for more

COVID-19 has had implications for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have seen global firms like Victoria Secret declare bankruptcy. Chanel, Hermes and Rolex have announced they have stopped production. Coronavirus is said to have accelerated an estimated 150,000 redundancies so far.

The high street has been one of the worst affected. Having already been in a difficult situation before the pandemic, it has seen store closure and the threat of job losses on a regular basis. One of the worst affected industries is the travel industry, with flight having almost come to a complete stop during the peak.

The UK had its first known case of COVID-19 in January 2020, in the five months that followed that the repercussions have been felt far and wide. Creating millions of pounds of debt, many of our family and friends are out of work, unemployed or at risk of being made redundant and losing their job. There are tens of thousands of businesses that are now out of service and can no longer operate in the same way or that simply cannot afford to pay salaries.

In America more than 40million people have filed for unemployment in ten weeks, making the national unemployment rate 14.7%. This is the highest it has been since the great depression in the 1930’s.

With the Government “Furlough” scheme coming to an end on October 31st, the scheme is said to have protected 7.5 million worker and almost 1 million businesses, at a cost of £10.1billion. However, if these businesses cannot go back to “the new normal” there is a real risk of more redundancies being made. With a current unemployment rate of 3.9% with a population of 66 million.

While the impact of the coronavirus is forcing many companies to lay off staff, fortunately it’s not all bad news, some firms are still hiring!

There are currently pages on LinkedIn that have been created in order to share and promote businesses that are currently recruiting. With over 9,000 readers as of writing, it is evident that people are looking for work and businesses are hiring.

Jessica Milner

SEO Traffic Lab is one of the few firms who, as a result of continued growth through the pandemic have just made a notable hire and are currently recruiting for multiple roles.

SEO Traffic Lab is going from strength to strength, whilst working with local, national and international businesses during COVID-19. With the majority of clients seeing an increase in Return On Investment, Revenue and Conversion Value.

Jessica Milner, Account Manager, recently joined SEO Traffic Lab, having found herself without work.

“I am so thrilled to be back at SEO Traffic Lab, the company has grown continually since I left in 2017 and it has been incredible to watch from afar. I was left without work as a result of COVID-19 and got back in touch with Richard (CEO & Founder). I was over the moon to learn that they were hiring during a pandemic.”

“It says so much about the leadership, the business and the hard work of the team that they are not only surviving (something that many businesses haven’t) but are actually thriving and in a position to take on new recruits.”

“I have been back in the office for a month now and it is evident to see that the team is not holding back, both the SEO and the PPC departments have developed frameworks that are able to support our clients to transform their business. I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity and to work amongst some incredible people, especially when there is so much uncertainty in some industries.”

“I am so grateful to the company and to Richard for their work ethic during the pandemic and that as a business they have been able to grow, without making any pay reductions, or lay offs. It can’t be easy for business owners in this current climate to keep going, so to be able to grow is a truly remarkable achievement.”

Not only have SEO Traffic Lab made an impressive hire, they currently have multiple roles available, including a mini-internship for Graduates who have gone through an incredibly difficult time over the last six months and have a lot of questions as to what their future looks like.

Richard Hill, CEO & Founder, said: “2020 has not been without its challenges, however at SEO Traffic Lab, we have been working throughout the pandemic and I cannot thank my staff enough for their hard work and dedication. I am thrilled at the hiring of Jessica back to the team and she has added another level of marketing knowledge and client relations to our offering.”

“Before the pandemic began we were on track to have our most successful quarter to date, unfortunately we could not plan for the unplannable. However, we have continued to grow and have been back in our offices in Lincoln since June, ready to get back on track with our goals. As a result of a stream of new client wins we are hiring a PPC Account Manager, a Business Development Manager and introducing our Graduate mini-internship”

“I am particularly excited about the mini-internship, as I am truly sympathetic for the students who have spent at least three years studying and have been welcomed onto the job market at the same time as a global pandemic. That is why we decided to go down this route of welcoming eight students into our offices for a two week internship. We will work with them to give them a working insight into digital marketing and then at the end of the internship at least two will be offered a job.”

With redundancies being made on a daily basis, the job market has become increasingly competitive, with some firms having 36,000 people applying for one job. A pub in Wimbledon recently advertised two jobs for a bartender and received over 400 applications. Others have shared how they have applied for over 1,000 jobs over a five month period. As the market gets more competitive roles like this do not stay open for very long.

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